The Mosts of Parenthood

Becoming a parent can be the most defining moment of a person’s life.  It defines their purpose.

Throughout parenthood there become moments we think this is the worst, the hardest, and the most difficult thing ever done!

There are a lot of most moments. And not all are negative:

The most irritating moment is someone giving you their opinion on parenting when they don’t have kids.  Oh, you won’t use a lollipop to bribe your kid to clean up.  Oh, you won’t let them be picky eaters and you will only offer them fresh organic whole food.  Good for you… but there are times when you will do whatever it takes to put one foot in front of the other, to pick yourself up and keep going.

The most time-consuming task is organizing out-grown kid clothes.  Not only does storing the clothes take up a lot of space! It is so hard to get it all to fit neatly somewhere. And man is it annoying when you find an outfit they only wore once and don’t fit in anymore.

The most confusing part of parenthood is car seat safety.  When do I turn his seat around? This strap goes where? Is it tight enough?  Is he too tall for this seat?  My tip: find a good convertible car seat. One you like and spend the money!  My favorite is the Graco Forever.

Another confusing thing is kid clothing sizes are NOT universal across brands.  A twelve-month onesie by Carter’s is not the same overall size as a twelve month Gerber onesie.

The most trying time is potty-training.  Your patience will be tested.  When you think you got it down, no more accidents. Bam! Oops. Pee puddle…  Stick with it.  Have you ever heard of an un-potty trained teenager?  Consistency is key.

The most satisfying is putting a child to sleep in your arms.  Watching those sweet eyes fight to stay open and then finally slowly close…only to hold this perfect, warm being drift into a deep sleep.  It feels like holding a bag of potatoes but you have never loved anything so much in your life.

The most wonderful, the “I-love-yous”, the hugs, and kisses, hand-holding as you cross the street, cuddling up to read a night time story.

The most difficult to watch is seeing your child growing so rapidly in front of you.  Wanting them so badly to stay little and be your baby forever.  But also wanting to see all the wonderful, magical, amazing, life-changing things they will do in their beautiful life!

What are the most moments in your life?

~xoxo Cori

Life is about enjoying the simple things and holding on to them.

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